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Instructions and Help about trip packing list form
Do you always forget something when Yugo on vacation There's a simple strategy you can use every time to help you remember and keep track of what you pack, so you don't have to pay a premium to replace things you need when you're gone Just use a list This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it can save you a lot of money We have printable version of our packing list at Clark com, and I'll link to that in the description below Trying to remember all the things you need to pack can be burden but with the Clark com list you can relax as you check things off Let'go through it, You'll absolutely need ID when you go on your trip whether it's agovernment-issued ID card a driver's license or a passport for a vacation abroad Then see if you have cash in your wallet if you don't make a trip to the ATM a priority you never know when you'll need it A little umbrella is never a bad idea especially if you don't like getting caught in the rain Plus twill probably cost you at least 10 to get a replacement Next grab your sunglasses This accessory can get expensive quickly so block the rays for free and pack your shades To go along with your sunglasses get your bathing suit packed Bathing suits can be especially expensive to replace if you're going to the beach and if you're going to wear a bathing suit grab your sunscreen You don't always need a big bottle but wearing sunscreens important, and you won't have to spend money on special lotion or aloe to treat your sunburn later Whether you're headed to a city or the beach you'll want layers They give you flexibility and comfort no matter where you are Next think about packing some booze that is if you're over 21 and expect you'll want to have a drink or two on your trip Alcohol is one of the most expensive things you can buy when you're out, but you can have a glass of wine or make cocktail much more cheaply yourself Hair ties are a must if you have long hair so pack a couple of extras in your travel bag, so you don't have to buy a whole new package I always throw some hand sanitizer in my bag — especially for plane trips just make sure it's sealed tightly to avoid spills Your toiletries are an essential part of your packing I usually keep mine all together and ready so that I can just put my pouch into my bag when I'preparing to travel If you don't keep separate toiletries you can buy empty plastic mini bottles and fill them with shampoo and other liquids you already have That way you don't have to spend to replace them every time you run another thing I keep together are medications This includes prescriptionsover-the-counter and pain relievers like ibuprofen Make sure you keep these in your carry-on because you never know when you might need to take something Orin your checked bag will get lost Since you're in doctor mode pack a minifirst-aid kit You don't have to bring it all just some bandages and antibiotic ointment will do Next grab some snacks just something small in case you'rewrapped on a plane...
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